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We are pleased that we can welcome you to our website. We have included information here that should help you choose a contractor for your project.

Warm welcome

Easy management

Important element of a website is easy to manage content, image, video. 4P offer you the possibility to use software that has been chosen by millions of users.

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Easy management

Website design

Attractive web design is not all, your website must be easy to use and expose aspects of your business. Our experience will help you to attain the target.

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Website design

Internet Solutions

If your business needs a professional web solutions, contact us necessarily.

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Internet Solutions

Web design and internet solutions for Scottish companies.

Website design

  • Graphic designs for websites
  • Graphic designs tailored to the client's business.
  • Friendly navigation.
  • Websites in line with the objectives of WEB 2.0 .
  • Modern design that follows the trends in web graphics.
  • Graphic design for existing websites.
  • Templates for online stores based on Magento and Prestashop engines.
  • Templates for content management systems based on Joomla and WordPress engine.

Easy management

  • Implementation of online stores based on Magento and Prestashop engines.
  • Implementation of content management systems based on Joomla and WordPress engine.
  • Creating and editing modules for online shops, content management systems and blog systems.
  • Installation and configuration of graphical templates.
  • Export and import configuration and databases.
  • Installation and configuration of software modules.

Internet solutions

  • Comprehensive development of websites.
  • Customer needs analysis.
  • Presentation and consultation possible solutions.
  • Implementation and deployment of web applications.
  • Adaptation of the commonly used system solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Analysis of the content and structure of the site.
  • Arrange appropriate menu content and other elements comprising the internal linking service.
  • Adapting to the W3C standards.
  • Reports of the number of visits to your website.

Warm welcome in 4P Web design and internet solutions.

I am pleased to welcome you, due to the high demand for IT services, We decided to share a our services. What we offer you is above all services for web design, changing appearance of current web sites, online shops and web solutions. This is the simplest representation of what we do.

Our main aim is to understand the client's needs, web solutions and Internet sites can comply with a lot of possibilities, and can be of good publicity that will attract new customers. Understanding your needs will fit right solutions for your business. It is possible that you need only change the look of the website, so it makes no sense to expose you to additional expenses. 4P website design wants to save you money. This is the reason why it is so important for us to understand your needs.

The Internet gives you many new opportunities for contact with customers. You can lead with the news web blogs for clients, so that they can be on Current Issues. Simple website without special advertising is able to provide you with a few clients a year. Online store will sell goods by mail order and in addition will be a very good advertisement for the normal store which will attract additional clients living in the area.

Useful Websites In Internet Solutions (Not Just Web Design)

Useful websites in Internet solutions (not just web design)

Web design is a very important part of internet solutions, but it is worth considering what other solutions should have a website to be useful.

Very often it happens that the network solutions for large corporations are slowly adapted to the needs of smaller companies. For some time, became very popular cloud computing, I will not describe exactly what it ...

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Posted: 2012.11.26 11:40, Category: Web Design

Website For Construction Company

Website for construction company

Web site for a company operating in the construction market. The site was based on the WordPress engine. Added to the original software suitable graphic design. On request, we have added properly processed images made by us.

It is a very economical solution. The Company has received from us free space on the server. The site can be viewed at ...

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Posted: 2012.11.18 20:24, Category: Web Design, Portfolio